The Reserve Principle Survey

The Reserve Principle (RP) is a methodology of building your whole being. This means ensuring that your physiological, psychological, social and mental belief systems are ready to empower you to return to baseline equilibrium, or homeostasis, as quickly as possible after being exposed to a stressor or trauma. These stressors can range from a car accident to a fight with a co-worker or loved one. Remaining agitated does not resolve your predicament and, over time, it can have a negative effect on your health. This kind of sustained stress is also known as an allostatic load and can lead to chronic health issues. The five components of RP are broken down below so you can see their individual impact.

We believe that there are no good or bad personalities; rather all personalities have been essential for human development and the effectiveness of groups across human evolution. We provide this description of your personality to encourage your self awareness and to allow your colleagues to optimize your unique skills and preferences.

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